Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips & Ideas


Before you start fundraising, make your intention solely for the sake of Allah and pray.


  • is arguably the world’s largest and most trusted online charity fundraising platform. Having your own personal web page for online fundraising allows you to concentrate on the event, whilst collection of money and Gift Aid declarations are taken care of automatically. Using a Justgiving donations web page is quick, easy, free and 100% secure


Here’s how to make your own Seekers’ Quest fundraising page in two simple steps:


  1. Go to and log in with your exisitng JustGiving account, create a new one or log in with Facebook. Click on fundraise for us, then click Doing your own thing/personal challenge and on the Tell us about your event page select Choose a fundraising page address that's easy to remember, such as then click Create your page. You can then edit your page to make it as unique as you are, so that your donors will help you exceed your target, insha-Allah!

Please don't forget to set your fundraising target to £280 and pay your £30 registration fee into your own page.

  1. Then go to and click join the team. This will help provide a huge amount of motivation to reach that fundraising target!


That's all there is to it!




Social Networking Sites


  • Social networking sites are used by millions of people around the world and can be an excellent way to publicise your challenge. Facebook, Twitter, My space etc. are all useful tools. Regularly remind and update people about your challenge as well as the cause and you will be surprised at the response.


Raise Funds through Sponsorship


  • Finding a sponsor is a great way of raising funds for your chosen cause you can ask your family members, friends, colleagues to sponsor you on your challenge to funds. Utilize the talents of your family and friends to come up with unique fundraising ideas.


Bake and Car Boot Sales


  • You can sell various products to raise funds. You can use plenty of items in your house that would be perfect for a car boot sale. For instance, you have too many clothes or books, all these items can be sold for money. You can have a cake, ice cream or coffee stall-sell it around your school, office, community and to people close to you to help you in making money for charity.


Barbecue Parties


  • Have you considered a BBQ party at your place? We find that BBQ’s or small parties (Dawat!) really help in fundraising and your guests will be really appreciative of your efforts and the cause you are fundraising for J


Put a notice in your Gym, Mosque, College etc.


  • Don’t just rely on email. A simple poster asking people to visit your fundraising page can reach people whose email address you don’t have. You might also consider printing some flyers/cards to hand out to people when you see them.


Gift Aid


  • UK tax payers can make their donation go further. The government will give a further 25% of your donation to the charity, this means that a donation of £100 is worth £125 to us, and it doesn’t cost you or your sponsors a thing. So remind all your tax paying sponsors to tick the gift aid box.


Ask the boss!


  • Many employers offer, ‘Match giving schemes’ to encourage their staff to support charities. Half the effort at double the reward!!! So if you’re raising funds at work, ask your employer right away. If they do not participate in ‘match giving’ there are plenty more ways they can help. They could give you permission to send an email to all your colleagues, place an article in your staff newsletter, or display publicity for what you’re doing on the notice board.


Collection Box


  • Make your own collection box, and place it with a poster in the canteen or reception area at work and get people to sponsor your challenges – perhaps a sponsored run/cycle or weekend trekking trip?


Get organising!


  • You can put together a small fundraising event. In the past volunteers have organised street collection and rallied their friends together to spare a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and have walked away raising £££’s. Others have organised dinners, barbecues or events in their local communities and have raised over £10,000 at a time!


***Be unique, be creative, feel free to seek our assistance if need be, we are all more than willing to help and share our experiences***


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